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Why Trump Won


The Rise Of Trump From An “Elite” Perspective

As we are well into the first year of the Trump administration, and leftists are still walking around in a dim haze of incredulity, I’d like to reflect a little on why the man was elected. As some of you have probably inferred from the title, I am (on paper) a “coastal elitist.” I was born and raised in New Jersey, I am college educated (holding both two undergraduate degrees and a graduate degree), and being that I read, exercise, and listen to classical music, I suppose my tastes run to the fairly “highbrow.” In practice, some of my other tastes and especially my finances, place me far outside the world of the elite. Perhaps it is my “being outside the box,” which is a polite way of saying “not having many people willing to associate with me” (because I’m a philosopher king, of course), that enables me to objectively view the out-of-nowhere political rise of Donald Trump. I myself was never 100 percent enamored by Trump, but I… Keep Reading

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