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Unworking Men


Vanishing Labor

You may have read the piece in the Wall Street Journal: “America’s Unworking Men”. I agree with the comments that the Democrat Party benefits from increasing joblessness. It makes sense when we consider the Democrat model for expanding their political power: 1.) Strengthening control from the top through the regulatory and tax power of the Washington-Wall Street Axis. This is the “corporate socialism” (a.k.a. Fascism) that makes the Clinton Crime Syndicate the preferred political puppets of the lobbyist class, the bureaucrat class, and the “too big to fail” money firms. The money side of this Axis replenishes the Democrat Party coffers, and the political side of this Axis maintains laws and regulations that diminish competition from the little guys (i.e. Dodd-Frank adding cost to regional and small banks that put them out of business, thus increasing the relative power of the big banks). 2.) Increasing the ranks of the dependency class, which is the bottom-up manner of creating and maintaining a New Democrat Majority. Importing waves of unassimilated illegal aliens creates… Keep Reading

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