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Liberal Norwegians Refuse Voluntary Tax Hike, But Demand Higher Taxes For Everyone

The center-right government of Norway has constructed a policy that has really showcases the folly and hypocrisy of leftist thinking. By creating a voluntary tax scheme allowing virtuous liberals to pay more, they put leftist rhetoric to the test. Would these supposedly compassionate liberals put their money where their mouths are, or would they demonstrate their lack of generosity? “The tax scheme was set up to allow those who want to pay more taxes to do so in a simple and straightforward way,” Finance Minister Siv Jensen said in a comment emailed to Bloomberg reporters. “If anyone thinks the tax level is too low, they now have the chance to pay more.” Liberals, predictably, showed their true colors and ponied up very little dough to help the state. The plan grossed only $1,325 in voluntary revenue during its first month of existence, far behind all projected estimates. Still, the leftist politicians in Norway want higher taxes for the entire population despite the public’s unwillingness to pay them without the… Keep Reading

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