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Sen. Rand Paul Comes Out In Favor Of President Trump’s Tax Plan

President Donald Trump officially announced his tax plan last week, and he will need some powerful allies in the legislature if he hopes to get it passed. He already has one in Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, who will put his conservative bonafides behind Trump’s initiative. “I like it because it’s bold. I like it because it cuts taxes and it doesn’t play games and say we’re going to shift taxes around and it’s going to be revenue neutral. It does cut taxes. It take less money. It sends less money to the federal government. I say, if you want to defeat the beast, you’ve got to starve the beast. That means don’t send more money to Washington,” Paul said on a Pennsylvania talk radio program last week in favor of Trump’s tax plan. Last week, Trump offered a general outline of his upcoming tax plan with more specific details to be released later. Trump aims to cut the top rate of individuals from 39.6 percent to 35 percent, and… Keep Reading

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