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Why Terrorists Don’t Need To Use Violence To Spread Panic

Terrorism, by definition, has always used violence to achieve its goal of destabilizing America and the rest of the Western world. In attacks on institutions and values, they hope to spread seeds of discontent or panic with the intent of catalyzing political change, jihad or an uprising against a government. Lone bombers and shooters make the headlines and derail the national conversation endlessly, and the terrorists get the headlines they want for their organization and their oft-horrifying message. As terrorism is better understood by the public, they are growing wise that panic is exactly the result terrorists want. Attacks certainly make headlines these days, but shortly after the tragedy, they become forgotten bylines. People simply don’t care about terrorist attacks as much as they used to. Like all other things, the public has grown desensitized. America strikes back, but there is little the common person can do. As the world changes, terrorists need a new strategy, and the more technology-proficient terrorists are turning to cyberterrorism or cybercrime. Similar to… Keep Reading

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