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The Puerto Rican Compromise

On Jun. 11, Puerto Ricans voted for the second time to become a state of the union. Could this Caribbean island actually become the 51st state of America? Other authors have written at length about the political struggles within Puerto Rico as well as the island’s serious financial sickness. I will not repeat their capable analysis of those problems. Rather, I will consider the less talked about issue of the congressional balance of power. Puerto Rico has long been a progressive region featuring a population of twice as many Democrats as Republicans. Accordingly, it is reasonable to expect the 3.5 million residents of Puerto Rico to vote overwhelmingly for the progressive party. This likely means that there will be more votes for the Democratic presidential candidate and two more Democratic Senators to shift the balance of power further leftward. For decades, control of the U.S. Senate has swayed back and forth between Democrats and Republicans, which has created a balance of power between the liberal and conservative parties. If… Keep Reading

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