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Showdown In Pikeville, Kentucky

On April 29, the Traditional Workers Party, joined by the League of the South and other right-wing factions, held a rally in Pikeville, Kentucky. It was, as one would expect, met with much controversy and counter-protest. This rally was only a portion of a weekend-long conference which included sessions on various topics, such as national socialist ideology and self-defense. The event had been planned since February, with several counter-protests planned shortly after the TWP announced its intended presence; merely a couple of days before the event, however, most official efforts to counter the national socialists were canceled due to security concerns. As everyone has learned in recent months, though, Antifa can always be counted on to show up to any form of right-wing demonstration, apparently even in small-town, rural Kentucky. Interesting enough, neither they nor the TWP seemed to have any locals within their ranks and were largely from out of town. This was understandably frowned upon by locals. “We wish everyone would go home peacefully and give our… Keep Reading

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