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Who Inherits The Crown?

I do not believe that Trump has any interest in maintaining a political coalition if he loses in November. He is not a career political activist concerned about building a movement that may survive his retirement. I saw much the same phenomenon with Ross Perot after he lost in 1992. He had put a lot of his own money in converting the United We Stand grassroots operation (predecessor of the Tea Party in many ways) into a political party (Reform Party), but he largely abandoned the party once it became clear he would never be President. The Reform Party limped along for several election cycles before withering on the vine. Nevertheless, I believe that a third party is possible, whether or not Trump wins in November, because of the sheer number of disaffected Independents and Republicans who have given up on the McConnells and the Ryans of the world. From their perspective, incrementalism is treason; and they will gravitate to a new party that promises to be uncompromising. Another… Keep Reading

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