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Mainstream Media Hacks Abandon Objectivity On The Immigration Question

CNN’s Jim Acosta went on a rampage during yesterday’s press briefing toward Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller while he was discussing the RAISE Act, an immigration reform bill. “This is the largest proposed reform to our immigration policy in half a century,” Miller began. “The most important question when it comes to the U.S. immigration system is who gets a green card.  A green card is the golden ticket of U.S. immigration.” Immigration reform has been, since the campaign began, one of the areas of main concern for the President Donald Trump and his administration. For some odd reason, it continues to be the most partisan issue out there, and liberal journalists are losing their objectivity over the issue. Jim Acosta made it very clear to Advisor Miller that the RAISE Act was just not going to cut it from his point of view. As he continuously interrupted Miller, Acosta attempted to paint the picture of racism. He even mentioned the poem engraved on the Statue of Liberty. Keep Reading

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