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No, Professor Gellers, Not All Conservatives At #YWLS2016 Are White

This week, Turning Points USA (TPUSA) brought over 400 conservative activists to Dallas, Texas for the 2nd annual Young Women’s Leadership Summit. The summit hosts high school and college students from 42 states, training conservatives to identify, empower, and organize for free markets and limited government. TPUSA has been one of the leading organizations for conservative activists. They have a strong social media presence and do extraordinary outreach to students. It’s hard to be a conservative on twitter without seeing fellow ladies of liberty using the hashtag #YWLS and #YWLS2016. Thousands of tweets have been sent out using these hashtags, mostly young women excited to be immersed in conservative ideas. But one liberal professor, Josh Gellers, from the University of North Florida,  joined the conversation as well:   As conservatives, we are constantly defying stereotypes thrust upon us by the left.  Geller’s assumption that the Young Women’s Leadership Summit is a safe space for white women couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only does the conservative movement attract… Keep Reading

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