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Dennis Prager: Pope Francis And The Decline Of The West

In this short commentary written by Dennis Prager, I agree with his overall assessment that the left influences Christianity and Judaism today much more so than vice versa. It is the left that dictates our cultural, moral, and ethical norms. Dennis Prager does not discuss the deeper reason for this development, though I have no doubt from his other writings that he would agree that Gnosticism ultimately explains what has happened. In essence, the Western Man has divorced theology from ontology and epistemology. In terms of ontology, this methodological and substantial divorce means that our understanding of “being-ness” must end in materialism. Man is no longer spiritual in his essence. He is physiological and psychological. The religious experience is no longer revelatory of what it means to be a man. Rather, it is merely therapeutic; a poor man’s therapist for one hour per week. In terms of epistemology, this methodological and substantial divorce means that faith no longer has any connection to knowledge. Thus, we hear often the modern… Keep Reading

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