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The Fall Of Paul Ryan

“Paul Ryan” are “fightin’ words” to nationalist patriots like myself and others on the Trump Train. Ryan will be DOA should he put his hat in the ring in the 2020 GOP primaries. We nationalist patriots simply are too numerous within the ranks of GOP primary and caucus voters. The globalists (open borders, free trade, gradual loss of sovereignty through various multinational treaty arrangements) will transition over to the Democrat Party as they become more comfortable with the globalist policies of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Some globalist libertarians may run third party, but that will fail when it is clear that it has little electoral appeal outside of a few oligarch strongholds like Alexandria and parts of Manhattan. The main weakness for the globalist scumbags in Davos and The Hague is that they will not be able to vote for their guys in USA elections. It is true that Ryan could win the GOP nomination if oligarchic insiders are able to veto the clear will of the people with… Keep Reading

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