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If You Support Trump, It’s Not Too Late To Change Your Mind.

Racism is a very real problem in this country. False accusations of racism are also a problem. Criticize one of Obama′s policies, and you run the risk of being labeled a racist by his supporters. Insist that you have black friends, and they will cite your denial as further proof that you are a bigot. It us quite frustrating to deal with people like this. But the best defense against being accused of racism is to acknowledge it when you see it. First of all, let′s acknowledge that progressives who mock Donald Trump and John Boehner for being ″orange″ are racist themselves. Making fun of someone for their skin color is racist. While both Trump and Boehner have led lives of privilege and leisure, I still expect better from members of a movement that prides itself on tolerance. So of course you have cause for doubt when progressives slam Trump with the ″racist″ label. It′s sounds just like more election year mudslinging. But pay attention to what Trump says… Keep Reading

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