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The Real Story Behind The Riots, Legalized Plunder

Just last month my friend and photo radar expert Shawn Dow told me that the real reason behind the police protests in Ferguson was the automatic ticketing photo radar machines that had been put in place by local governments to raise revenue.  This has caused incredible harm on the poor in the community and frustration towards their police force which was becoming increasingly more militarized and disconnected from the public because of poor decisions made by the local politicians.  Upon further investigation the facts prove this to be the case. This anger at camera speeding tickets, not an apparently justified police shooting, was the long simmering motivation behind the riots.  Michael Brown was just the poor excuse to vent frustrations at the system that is shaking them down.  Unjust laws meant to fleece the public create resentment and disrespect for the law and those who enforce them.  It has been shown that these machines do not increase safety and in fact cause accidents to spike.  Missouri State representative  Courtney Curtis stated… Keep Reading

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