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Where Donald Trump Went Wrong

“Donald Trump has no chance at being the next President of the United States.” That was the consensus when Donald Trump started his campaign exactly one year ago, when he was polling around 2% nationally. Today, Trump has outwitted, outlasted, and outmarketed (that’s the most important one) every other contestant in this year’s Presidential race. All but one of course: Hillary Clinton. When polling began against Hillary Clinton, Trump was at 33%; Clinton at 53%. Today, Trump is at 38% and Clinton is at 44%. These numbers aren’t too important, especially when looking at the race a handful of months out. However, Trump’s 38% is noteworthy. In the past 12 months, Trump has never gone below 38% in a national poll against Hillary Clinton, except at the height of Ted Cruz’s challenge to Trump in the Republican primary this past April. Take out Ted Cruz, and Trump hasn’t fallen below 38% nationally at all. This might be a bit opinionated, but listen to the division in everything Donald Trump… Keep Reading


The Day America Died

The Orlando, Florida shooting at a gay nightclub in Florida this past weekend saw a influx of political response from numerous candidates running for office. While each offered their own unique way of coming to terms with the tragedy, every response seemed to offer a divisional characteristic inherently present in our political system. It is important to remember the victims of the Orlando shooting for not only being victim to the horrendous acts of worthless ISIS supporters and sympathizers around the world, but also because they have become victim to the dilemma of governmental action to prevent future tragedies from occurring. As recent as today, democrats in Congress staged a filibuster to advocate stricter gun control, while the Republican Presidential frontrunner and presumptive nominee considered the expansion of governmental surveillance lists. This is what tragedies have become now: tools of the political elite to advocate an expansion of government power that it doesn’t have the authority to hold. So when is enough, enough? We’ve witnessed what happens when the… Keep Reading

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