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In Canada, Being a Terrorist Can Really Pay Off

Canadian-born Omar Khadr was captured in 2002 while fighting American soldiers with the Taliban in Afghanistan, and later plead guilty to murdering Sergeant First Class Christopher Speer with a grenade before an American military court in 2010. For his crimes, he was enriched by the Canadian government on Jul. 5 in the form of $10.5 million dollars. In addition, the Canadian government is going to apologize to Khadr, but both the reasons for the money and for the apology have not been disclosed, according to The Canadian Press. Not only did Khadr, by his own admission, murder an American soldier as well as blind another, but he also helped the Taliban develop weapons with explosive capabilities to be used against American forces. Khadr served ten-years in the Guantanamo Bay prison facility, and was handed over to the Canadian government in 2012. Because he was 16 at the time of his capture, and that he served time in the left’s bête noir, Guantanamo Bay, leftists and Muslims claimed that American… Keep Reading

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