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Trump’s New Nationalism And The Defeat Of The Cronies

Regarding the defeat of the insurgents at the RNC, it should be noted that they were defeated fair and square. There was no denial of the process afforded any member of the Rules Committee. The fact that the insurgents did not have enough votes to force a change in the rules does not suggest anti-democratic tyranny. It would be a different story if the RNC arbitrarily suspended the meeting of the Rules Committee, or gave the insurgents the wrong time and place (both tactics I have seen happen at California State GOP Conventions in the past), but nothing like that happened here. Moreover, let us be honest here. If a conservative insurgency had tried to change the rules at the last minute to deny the nomination to Mitt Romney, the Outsourcer in Chief, then I doubt we would have heard John and the WSJ defend the insurgents. The fact is that movement conservatives were never fond of Romney, and he had to mollify them by putting Ryan on his… Keep Reading

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