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The Betrayal Of The American Youth

Modern academia is downright shameful. Is this nothing more than exaggerated hyperbole? No, I mean this full stop. Academia has abandoned an entire generation and geared them towards disaster. What used to be the marketplace of ideas is now a nursery of anti-intellectualism. Academia was once known as a place for a young adult to develop his own thoughts by hearing new ideas and contending his ideas with others. It was not established to be a home. Its purpose was to be an intellectual arena, a boot camp for the mind. The decline of academia came when relativism took over. Relativism is the idea that knowledge and morality are all subjective. Which is why you hear the phrase, “Everyone has a right to their own opinion,” uttered so frequently, and while most certainly might be true, it does not mean that everyone has a right their own facts or truth. When you make every argument relative, when moral standards become subjective, you begin to erode our society. Because when… Keep Reading

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