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The Libertarian Party Blew It For Converts

Oh, Libertarian Party… You could have had me. You were this close! I am the demographic you are trying to reach out to: disenfranchised with the Republican Party presidential nominee; a lover of liberty not of political parties; someone searching for a new place to call home that represents the ideas I hold dear to my heart. I was optimistically hopeful. I spent my entire day tuned into the Libertarian Party convention hoping to see the legitimacy that I was yearning for. https://twitter.com/kayteemoyer/status/736989310520569856 Would this be my new place to put my trust? Behind lovers of liberty like myself who wanted to make legitimate change, wanted to be taken seriously, and wanted to defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Nope. I didn’t find that while watching the Libertarian Party convention. How can we make legitimate change and be taken seriously with the buffoonery I witnessed during the convention? People like presidential candidate Darryl Perry losing his poise, screaming and pounding the podium, not only during the Saturday night… Keep Reading

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