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Steve Bannon Could Be Fired In Ongoing White House Reshuffle

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has once again fallen out of Trump’s favor, and his job could well be at risk, according to reports by Axios‘s Jonathan Swan and Politico‘s Josh Dawsey, Eliana Johnson, and Ben White. Trump appears to have two main gripes with Bannon. Firstly, he suspects Bannon to be responsible for the negative leaks about National Security H.R. McMaster to conservative publications such as Breitbart, which was previously headed by Bannon. Bannon reportedly believes “believes the globalists pose the greatest internal threat to the Trump presidency, and could send it veering off course with foreign interventions,” according to Swan. McMaster, a prominent hawk, has advocated for increased U.S. intervention in Syria and Afghanistan, which Bannon believes would be a break from Trump’s ‘America First’ campaign message. These leaks have also inflamed White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who was apparently “horrified” at the critical tirade against McMaster by outlets sympathetic to Bannon. The Politico report goes further still, stating that “several presidential aides said they expect… Keep Reading

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