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Bad News For Social Democrats – Koch Brothers Don’t Control The Republican Party

Charles Koch and his brother do not control the Republican party, but the social democrats who despise them might begin wishing they did. During a recent interview with Jonathan Karl of ABC news, Charles Koch sat down to discuss his frustration with the election, declaring that he believes the system is rigged, but definitely not by him. Estimating that in a 5 trillion-dollar economy, the corporate tax code alone is costing Americans $1.5 trillion, he vehemently opposes laws that support corporatism. “A great majority [of the benefits] are going to the wealthy,” Koch said, echoing the statement made by the interviewer. “The poor aren’t paying the taxes, so it benefits the wealthy. I think the whole tax code needs to be thrown out and all these exemptions need to be eliminated and everyone needs to be taxed on the same basis,” he said. How does Charles Koch’s position on eliminating corporate welfare fit their narrative? It doesn’t. Nonetheless, it has done little to minimize the fact that some high-profile celebrities continue scapegoating the Kochs,… Keep Reading

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