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Internet Fame Brings Out The Skeletons

By now you’ve likely seen the April 9th video of a 69-year-old Asian doctor being forcibly dragged off a United Airlines flight at the Chicago O’Hara Airport. If not, check it out here. According to United Airlines, the flight was overbooked. There were enough seats for passengers, just not enough for the entire flight crew.  Therefore, passengers had to be removed to open seats for members of their crew. At first, the staff offered money and a free night’s stay at a Chicago hotel for anyone willing to give up their seat. Only two accepted the offer. When no one else offered up their seats, the staff had to decide who else would need to give up their seat. Through some sort of random selection process, Kentucky doctor, David Dao, was chosen. Keep Reading


Matt Bevin, The Game Changer

On May 19, Kentucky will get to decide which Republican and which Democrat will face off in the general election for Governor of the commonwealth. Four Republicans are on the ballot while two Democrats are on the ballot. The current incumbent, who is a Democrat, has been in office since 2008, which was the last time the state of Kentucky had a Republican Governor. Let’s face it: Republican governors now a days aren’t all that successful and are seemingly easily corrupt (see Scott Walker and Chris Christie). They are backed by the political elite and, like most politicians today, vote based on the companies, lobbyists, or PACs contributing to their campaigns rather than out of principal and constituent interest. Matt Bevin has made mistakes in the past and I’m sure if you want to go ahead and get a list of his tarnished “liberal record” you can go to his opponents website or Mitch McConnell’s campaign site from last years Senate primary. The truth is that Matt is a… Keep Reading

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