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White House Kicks Off ‘Made In America’ Week

This week, the White House will be hosting 50 companies from across the country, each intended to represent a state. The companies will display a product that they manufacture in the United States, such as a NASA spacesuit made by ILC Dover LP, Delaware’s representative. Steinway, representing New York, will display a piano. Shotgun chaps made by K Bar J Leather, on behalf of South Dakota, will be displayed as well. The list goes on from there. Press Secretary Sean Spicer talked up this campaign at yesterday’s off-camera press briefing, stating that the country has an “incredible span of American products.” But no endeavor by the Trump White House goes without criticism. One correspondent pointed out that some do not believe Trump “is the right vessel for this message.” “After all, [President Trump] has shirts made in China and Bangladesh and India.  Other products made–like Trump vodka made in the Netherlands,” the correspondent said. Spicer responded that his perspective was different. President Trump’s history as a businessman is beneficial for the future of… Keep Reading


President Trump Proposes Tax Reform To Create Economic Growth And Jobs

Today, President Trump announced his plan to grow the economy and create jobs. The announcement revealed his general plan for tax reform. He did not give a detailed description of every aspect of the plan. Instead, the announcement was conducted today to introduce the concept of tax reform so that the public can gain an understanding of Trump’s trajectory for this nation. From what Trump has revealed to the public thus far, this is a step in the right direction. The need for individual tax reform was stressed throughout today’s press conference by Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, and National Economic Director, Gary Cohn. They explained that due to the complexity of the tax code, over 90 percent of Americans need assistance to merely file their personal taxes. There over 2,011 pages of explanation regarding Form 1040 alone. Under Trump’s plan, there will be zero taxes on the first $24,000 that a married couple earns. All tax deductions will be eliminated except for mortgage interest, charitable donations, and retirement payments. Dividend… Keep Reading


Work Force Participation Down Along With Unemployment

The latest jobs report is out for November 2016 and the media is in a frenzy over the fact that the unemployment rate has fallen to a nine year low at 4.6%. However, as anyone who has a passing familiarity with the voodoo science of statistics will tell you, numbers can be made to dance to any tune you wish and, contrary to popular opinion, they often lie. And while a 4.6% unemployment rate seems at face value to be great news for the economy, it is unwise to take anything from the government at face value and that holds doubly true for statistics. When you dig a little deeper into the actual numbers, though, a much more complex and much less vehemently optimistic picture of the US labor market emerges. For instance, the work for participation rate which gauges the overall percentage of the population that is actively engaged in the work force either through employment, the search for employment, or the application for unemployment benefits fell yet… Keep Reading

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