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Free Speech Means Shutting Down Other Views

Yes, you read that correctly. If there’s one thing our politically correct culture has told us, it’s that we have the right to speak our minds unless, of course, someone gets offended. But there’s so much misinformation and confusion about what free speech means, honestly to the point that liberals and conservatives routinely hold themselves and each other to different standards depending on who is offended by whom at what particular moment. In an interesting twist this week, Christian author and TV personality Jen Hatmaker is facing the full fury of the conservative Christian fundamentalist right. Not for anything recent or overtly political, mind you, but for comments about homosexuality in itself. She said that Christians and the church should embrace homosexual people, support them in their relationships and marriages, and that neither gay nor straight nor anyone was any less evil by themselves or more loved by God than anyone else. Apparently, in our day and age, there isn’t a lot of room for neutrality on this issue.… Keep Reading

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