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Market Lessons For United Airlines

As widely covered by the media, United Airlines finds itself in a bit of a public relations pickle. Last Sunday, after having overbooked a flight from Chicago to Louisville, Kentucky, and being contractually obligated to transport members of another crew to man a flight out of Louisville, the crew first asked for volunteers to fly out the next day from the already boarded passengers. When no one volunteered, the crew first offered hotel and monetary accommodations in the amount of $400. When the passengers till refused, the crew offered $800, only to finally announce that a computer would randomly select four passengers to be selected to disembark. After having been selected by the computer, and refusing to give up his seat, Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from the plane by members of the Chicago police. Though contractually empowered to ask a passenger to leave a flight in just such a situation, given the details surrounding the incident, including Dao’s resulting injuries and its being widely shared on social… Keep Reading

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