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Why America Should Refuse To Be Like Germany

The fine line between protest and violence has been repeatedly crossed these past days. Despite the hostility, few of those who feel legitimately threatened seem to  be pressuring the government — or even private organizations — to monitor the Internet for “hate” or threatening speech. On the other hand, many electors feeling left out of the process due to their candidate’s loss have used the Internet to urge others to pay attention to a surge in attacks against minorities in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential win, despite the fact several instances of “Trump inspired” aggression or vandalism have mostly turned out to be fabricated. But in contemporary times, these discrepancies matter as much as President Barack Obama’s record-breaking war on the Muslim world. As social media companies are pressured to “do something,” Facebook and Twitter launch a war against “fake news” and offensive content. And while in America, this campaign has just begun to scare social media users, in Germany, companies like Facebook might soon be held criminally… Keep Reading

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