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The GOP Has Always Been The Racist Party—According To The Left

Trump is just the latest to be branded with the “R”-word. “Behind Trump, the GOP Really is Becoming the Racist Party” is the title of an article that appeared last year in The Daily Beast. It may as well have been written today, for the implication of the author—a self-described Muslim-American—represents that of Donald Trump’s opponents on both the left and right. Dean Obeidallah purports to be offering “some friendly advice to the Republican Party” when he warns that it doesn’t “want to be defined by” its “most extreme members.” In remaining “silent” while Trump “garners increasing support from white supremacist organizations,” Obeidallah assures Republicans, “the more likely” it is that “the GOP will become known as the party of racists.” Get it? This author, not unlike every other enemy of Trump, would have us think that the last 40-50 years or so haven’t occurred, that it is only now, courtesy of Trump, that the GOP exposes itself to the charge of “racism.” According to the left, the Republican… Keep Reading

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