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A Cash Crop To Rebuild America: The Cannabis Revolution Means Better Public Health And Limitless Prosperity

Whether you like it or not, the cannabis revolution is underway throughout America. Four states have already legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, and four more states are slated to join them after the results of last month’s election. On Nov. 8, the big winner wasn’t Donald Trump – it was the cannabis plant. It reigned triumphant in Florida, North Dakota, Arkansas, California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada in varying degrees. Of course, the prohibitionists are out in full force with a propaganda blitz of their own against the progress being made. Some warn of “killer weed” while other desperate individuals say that marijuana “changes the brain” causing mass murderers to snap and commit acts of terror. Many of these disingenuous folks are lobbyists for pharmaceutical corporations or law enforcement groups. They lie to the public because they don’t want their gravy train drying up. Nevertheless, the winds of change are at hand whether the prohibitionists like it or not. The marijuana industry is opening up an era of prosperity that… Keep Reading

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