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UKIP Whistleblower: Corruption And Mismanagement By Party Elite

For decades now, the people of Britain – good, honest, decent people – have been shamefully let down by the establishment. They feel neglected, they feel oppressed, and they feel downtrodden by successive governments, out-of-touch political parties, and career politicians that they cannot relate to, cannot rely on, and above all, cannot trust. We’re also being relentlessly taxed – from birth to the grave. We’re being priced-out of the housing market, subjected to a rise in in-work poverty, are often living from one payday to the next, and more and more, the average joe has found himself disconnected with politics. But it was out of this oppressiveness and frustration that voters began to flock to UKIP in their millions. And there’s a very good reason for this. UKIP is different. We stand up for the people of Britain. We aren’t afraid to speak out against the many threats and travesties facing our country, no matter how controversial they may be to discuss. And, more importantly, we are real, we… Keep Reading

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