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Demanding Change And Bending History

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You cannot ask to join something older, larger, and farther reaching than yourself, and then declare it is solely yours by demanding it be taken away from someone else. You cannot demand that something that has shaped entire arcs of history conform to your view and change into something it is not, cannot be, nor has ever been. Imperfect action is better than perfect procrastination, and positive change mostly comes very slowly, through incremental changes, one inch at a time. It is not wrong that your demands have not been met, that your opinions have not been agreed with, that your views have not been endorsed, that your perspective has not been accepted. You have the right to earn a place; you do not have the right to be put upon a pedestal. You have the right to speak; you do not have the right to have your voice heard. You have the right to prove yourself correct; you do not have the right to unearned legitimacy. Those things must…

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