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Donald Trump Is Not Barry Goldwater.

It’s a cliche in our day and age. Whenever a grassroots movement or talking head in the Grand Old Party talks about nominating a presidential candidate to the right of the center, the same thing happens. The high-dollar consultants, State Central Committee chairs, and Capitol Hill staffers pull the ancient reference from their file cabinets, blow off the dust, and say: “Well, remember Barry Goldwater in 1964. He ran as a conservative and lost big in 1964.” It makes sense on the surface, after all. The Party wanted to nominate New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller, go to the middle on public policy, and win the rational minds of the moderate voters by contrasting with Lyndon B. Johnson’s crass persona and corrupt insider politics. After all, Barry Goldwater’s off-the-cuff comments had a way of finding themselves in the paper. It’s hard to be a campaign strategist and spin the media when your candidate gets caught saying he wishes someone would saw the entire eastern seaboard off and let it float… Keep Reading

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