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If You’re Serious About Starting a Dialogue On Race, Talk To White People – Not At Them

I made it through the entire 2016 electoral cycle without writing a single article on race. I wrote nothing on Trayvon and Zimmerman, Ferguson, Baltimore, Black Lives Matter, or the KKK celebrating Trump’s election. I managed to avoid being targeted online by either BLM racists or alt-right “race realists” as I tried to navigate the turbulent waters of the most contentious election in recent memory. But the streak dies today, because after reading Rev. Derrick Keith Rollins Jr.’s article titled “What white people should do about systemic racism,” I realized we need to turn this decades-old race monologue into a dialogue. As a whiter-than-white, I-sunburn-at-night kind of caucasian, I feel utterly qualified to accept Rev. Rollins’ invitation to talk race. And I’d like to start by pointing out that a piece with a condescending and finger-wagging title like “What white people should do about systemic racism” isn’t a great way to start that discussion. Keep Reading

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