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The Military-Industrial Complex Salivates At Prospect Of War With North Korea

For the military-industrial complex, business is booming during the Trump administration. Trump’s deescalation of tensions in Syria is apparently an outlier, as Trump has continued or ramped up the militaristic policies of his predecessor on every other front–most notably, North Korea. These policies have defense giants such as Lockheed Martin swimming in profits. “The level of dialogue around missile defense is now at the prime minister and minister of defense level,” Tim Cahill, who serves as vice president of Lockheed’s Air and Missile Defense division, said to Reuters during an interview. Trump’s declaration that North Korea would be “met with fire and fury like the world has never seen” coincided with the dictatorship threatening an attack against Guam this week. Tensions continue to worsen, show no signs of slowing down, and everyone is on the edge not knowing what to expect next. This global turmoil, as usual, helps the bottom line of Lockheed and other weapons manufacturers. According to Reuters, “Shares of Lockheed are up nearly 8 percent, to… Keep Reading

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