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Conservatives Should Rethink The Death Penalty

Liberals typically do a horrible job of trying to turn conservatives against the death penalty. Here are some examples of largely refuted arguments that need to be put to rest: Argument a): ″If you are pro-life, shouldn′t you be against the death penalty?″ The distinction is pro-innocent-life. Argument b): ″If killing is wrong, why is it okay when the state does it?″ Murder is wrong, but not all killing is murder. Go look up the definition of murder if you have trouble with this. Sometimes, the government has to kill bad people. Did we win World War II by being assertive and understanding with Nazis? Argument c): ″France and Germany don′t have the death penalty, and they have a lower murder rate than the US.” Singapore and Japan have the death penalty, and they also have a lower murder rate than the US. America has a higher violent crime rate than other industrialized countries for a whole lot of reasons that have nothing to do with gun control or… Keep Reading

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