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Creative Destruction


“The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed”:

A Review of the Libertarian Case for the Trump Process” Ann Coulter just released her book on Donald Trump.  I haven’t yet read it, and though Coulter has been outstanding in what she’s been saying for the last year or so on such issues as immigration, Trump, and the treacherousness of the GOP, the truth of the matter is that for decades, Coulter has been a GOP-booster. Recall, it was during just the last presidential election cycle that Coulter not only supported, but enthusiastically supported, Mitt Romney: Coulter actually wrote an article in which she called for “three cheers for Romneycare!” Romney’s socialization of Massachusetts’ medical industry Coulter declared “a massive triumph for conservative free market principles.” Coulter also described Romney as “our strongest candidate” in 2008.  But in 2011, Ann was positively giddy over Chris Christie.  In fact, one year before she resurrected her love affair with Mitt, Coulter implored Christie to save us from…Romney! Republicans “need” to run Christie or else Romney will be the candidate, she said,… Keep Reading

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