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The Conflicting Ideology Of Anthony Burgess

Anthony Burgess’ disturbing dystopia, A Clockwork Orange, has been lauded by liberals as exhibit A in how society is to blame for criminals. His thrill-seeking murderer Alex, upon being “cured” of his homicidal tendencies is abused by society when he re-surfaces into the real world. For him to “cope” with this criminal society, the process that cured him is reversed, and the reader is left with the impression that criminal tendencies are the only way to survive in society. But the writer behind this “we’re all to blame” novel was in fact a social conservative. Burgess desired a Catholic monarchy running the British government. According to him, these views affected his writing: ‘The novels I’ve written are really medieval Catholic in their thinking, and people don’t want that today.” Although claiming that Jesus used heaven as simply a “metaphor,” Burgess did note its possibilities as an actual place: “If it was suddenly revealed to me that the eschatology of my childhood was true, that there was a hell and… Keep Reading

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