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Hillary Lovers, Wake Up!

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To all the Romney/Ryan fans (i.e. “Hillary Lovers”)  exhibiting the intellectual dishonesty of people motivated more by fear than truth, I ask this question: Why  don’t you fear losing the Supreme Court for a generation to a bunch of radical leftist totalitarian justices? They apparently do not fear the out-of-control regulatory state that we know Hillary will expand. They apparently do not fear the gross excesses of the national security apparatus that we can expect from a Clinton Crime Syndicate that will make Nixon’s misuse of the IRS look like child’s play. They apparently care not a whit about corruption, since there is nothing in Trump’s dubious “Trump University” shenanigans or corporate bankruptcies that come close to the “pay for play” behavior we have substantiated with the Clinton Foundation.   No, the only thing these folks fear is Main Street America rising up with pitchforks and demanding that someone in the Washington-Wall Street Axis at least throw them a few morsels. It is the Tea Party that these people hate,…

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