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As “Liberty Summer” Campaigns Implode, Young Americans For Liberty Leaders Continue To Push Them On Activists

The fallout from the “Liberty Summer” campaigns continues on. Young Americans for Liberty leaders have been selling their activists on these campaigns all summer (and continue to do so), but they have not turned out as expected. The “Clean Mi Govt” part-time legislature initiative headed by Brian Calley continues to receive terrible press in Michigan while Luther Strange, a Mitch McConnell crony who is receiving help from YAL activists as well for his Senate campaign, has a bevy of scandals to deal with as he tries to keep his seat against more conservative opponents. For “Clean Mi Govt,” the entire campaign imploded after numerous reports of fraud and incompetence surfaced from YAL activists and other observers. Every signature for the part-time legislature that was captured by YAL activists was scrapped, making their work a complete waste of time. Each signature they collected was thrown out, and activists were sent home early with very little to show for their efforts. The campaign was funded almost entirely by dark money, and… Keep Reading

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