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Libertarians And The Christian Right: An Alliance Of Necessity

“Most libertarians think of Christian conservatives in the same lurid terms as the leftist media, if not more so: that their aim is to impose a Christian theocracy; to outlaw liquor and other means of hedonic enjoyment, and to break down bedroom doors to enforce a Morality Police upon the country: Nothing could be further from the truth: Christian conservatives are trying to fight back against a left-liberal elite that used government to assault and virtually destroy Christian values, principles, and culture.” – Dr. Murray N. Rothbard, The Religious Right: Toward a Coalition, Feb. 1993 During this time of political strife, the libertarian movement seems less stable and more up-for-grabs than ever before. We have some libertarians moving toward the alt-right and embracing the spectacle of Trumpmania while we have other libertarians gravitating toward appeasement with statists on the left in an attempt to win over Bernie backers. However, during these precarious times, we must remember to keep our perspectives. Soon, the Sanders campaign will be a distant memory.… Keep Reading

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