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Meet The Iowa Senators Who Hold The Future Of The Pro-Life Movement

Pro-lifers are perhaps more accustomed to disappointment than any other reliably Republican constituency.  For years, the needle has stayed static on abortion regardless of which side holds power – the Bush administration managed no more significant limitations on abortion than did Obama. Given the inability of federal legislators to move the ball on abortion, many pro-life activists have turned their attention to the states, where increasingly red legislatures present the opportunity to drastically limit abortions and legally recognize the personhood of the preborn. Iowa is one example of a purple state whose legislature turned deep red in 2016, and the state has received national attention for its aggressive legislative agenda, which contains a number of pro-life initiatives including the holy grail of pro-life bills, life at conception.  SF-253 would legally recognize the biological reality that life begins at conception, and would afford legal protection to the unborn.  The bill makes no exceptions for rape or incest – corner cases that abortion defenders rally around – but does include carefully… Keep Reading

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