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Male Taxpayers Are Literally Rape Survivors

As always, we should begin by defining our terms: What is rape, and why is it bad? There is nothing inherently traumatic about a foreign object being inserted in the vagina. Women insert tampons in there several times a month. Moreover, a large majority of rapes are not forceful, so the concept of rape is not related to physical pain or mere penetration. Rapes can even occur without the victim being aware of it. Yet, rape is punished as severely as aggravated assault, such as breaking someone’s legs. Why is that? We punish rape for psychological reasons. Women who experience rape experience a loss of perceived autonomy over their reproductive outcomes. Our instincts have changed little since our hunter/gatherer times, so we often experience vestigial feelings originating from our past as tribesmen and tribeswomen. A woman inseminated by a man she did not choose prevents her from passing on the best quality genes. That is unless the man is more attractive than her, of course. Keep Reading

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