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It’s Still #FreeSpeech

“I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself.” – Oscar Wilde Kathy Griffin – a relatively unfunny comedienne who just stooped to Amy Schumer-levels – is an American citizen, a human being, and a woman of deep-seeded opinion. Therefore, she is reserved every right to discredit herself as she deems fit. Of course, I am speaking in regards to the shock campaign and quest for sympathy laughs that she is now vying for after appearing in a photograph depicting her holding the bloodied, beheaded melon of President Donald Trump. In fact, her “photo” is the latest example of the ambivalence the Left has produced in an effort to resist Trumpism. Naturally, there was a very, very aggressive outcry against the photo upon its release with both figures from all sides of the political spectrum voicing their intentions of condemnation. Well, I will take a different perspective and stand by it because of how important messages like this are. Keep Reading

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