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Cultural Incompetence Is An Excuse For Lawlessness

Less than an hour from where I sit, in Manchester, New Hampshire, a travesty of justice unfolded when Andrea Muller, a city prosecutor, dropped six domestic violence charges against defendant Augustin Bahati. Bahati’s guilt should have been a no brainer and his conviction should have been a slam dunk and if he weren’t a black immigrant, it very well could have been. But he wasn’t white and he wasn’t a native born Granite Stater, and as such he was allowed to go free after having severely beaten a woman who was twenty-seven weeks pregnant. The reason given by the city of Manchester (infamously dubbed Manchvegas by those of us in the 603) for the dismissal of charges was simple and mind blowing: Cultural incompetence. Said another way, Augustin Bahati simply didn’t know any better. District Court Judge William Lyons went even further by saying that not only is Bahati blameless due to his cultural incompetence – beating women must be a sign of competence in the Democratic Republic of… Keep Reading

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