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Are Transgender Women Setting Women Back?

Be careful what you ask for. You might get it. For decades, the feminist movement grew stronger and stronger. Women wanted equality and achieved it. From the right to vote to legal abortion, to gender equality. Today women are empowered with no legal restrictions in their way. Then came the 1990’s, the decade which legalized homosexual marriages. Following that, the Obama administration gave transgenders their moment in the spotlight. Being politically correct is more of a liberal led initiative. Right up to the time their expected successor Hillary Clinton lost the election, the progressive left prided themselves on being openminded and respected for their tolerance. They were all about equality. Yet, the equality that women and liberals have fought so hard for is beginning to take an unusual turn. What began as a huge victory for the feminists fighting so hard for equal rights is now coming full circle in the athletic area. Women’s athletic organizations and education institutions are allowing transgender women (men to women) to compete as… Keep Reading

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