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The Individualist Nature Of Anne Sexton’s ‘Live Or Die’

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Traditionally, the word individualism was associated with a philosophy that contends that individuals are free, therefore granted with the ability to choose their goals and the path they shall take to meet these goals. Man, by nature, is one. Being coerced into acting according to what a group of men see as a fitting goal goes against the traditional notion of individualism. Social norms under these circumstances are mere suggestions as the individual, and only he is the owner of his destiny. But because men act with their goals in mind, they often discover that living in society while pursuing one’s own goals means cooperating with other individuals who are also pursuing their own agendas. In societies where individualism is king, individuals are more likely to cooperate freely and peacefully, often refusing the coercive hand of a power figure. Over time, the idea of individualism became infamous, as the capitalism versus communism battle put the ideas of individualism in direct opposition to collectivism. With the demonization and government-sponsored crackdown…

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