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How US Tax Dollars Helped To Fuel The Murders In Garissa

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What causes me the greatest sadness and heartache is the loss of innocent life. It happens too often and it happens all over the world. Whether it’s victims of drone bombings, suicide bombers, terrorists, deranged lunatics, overly-zealous cops, or even accidents, every time I hear about such an occurrence, I feel a sorrow that cuts deep. When I think of the victims and their families, I am overcome with sympathy. When gunmen raided Garissa University College in the early morning hours of Thursday, April 2nd, it was one of the more appalling recent examples of such loss of life on a large scale. At least 147 innocent people (the majority being young students) were shot and killed in the attack. This event in particular hit me even harder than most. Two of the most amazing women I know are from Kenya. One of them is currently living there, and the other likely will soon be. Given my relationship with the latter, it is increasingly likely that I could end…

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