Sen. Rand Paul Apologizes For DACA Repeal, Calls Upon Congress To Push Amnesty

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Most conservatives are jumping for joy after Trump officially announced today that he would rescind Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, but Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is not among them. He wants Congress to snap into action, and work to preserve much of the DACA program, which protects young immigrants brought into the country illegally by their parents.

“President Obama’s executive order on DACA was illegal,” Paul said to his social media followers. “However, this is a real problem we should solve in a bipartisan fashion. There are ways to make sure people who have been here for many years since childhood are allowed to stay. We should include efforts to reduce and reform immigration in other areas at the same time. Congress will need to address this problem.”

Paul’s defacto endorsement of amnesty is a stark contrast to the rhetoric that initially won him his Senate seat in Kentucky. As candidate Paul back on the campaign trail in 2009-10, he supported a physical wall as well as a virtual electronic fence around the border to be enforced by armed law enforcement personnel using helicopters to round up illegals. But years in the Washington D.C. swamp have changed Paul, resulting in him adopting more of a donor-friendly perspective on immigration.

Paul is not alone with his opposition to Trump’s plan to terminate DACA. Many moderate Republicans are crying foul as well.

“It is right for there to be consequences for those who intentionally entered this country illegally,” Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) said in a press release. “However, we as Americans do not hold children legally accountable for the actions of their parents.”

“I don’t think he should do that. I believe that this is something Congress has to fix,” House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said last week.

“Like the president, I’ve long advocated for tougher enforcement of our existing immigration laws. But we also need a workable, permanent solution for individuals who entered our country unlawfully as children through no fault of their own,” Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said in a public statement.

Paul will now be tasked with crafting an amnesty proposal with the worst of his party as he battles with President Trump over this major policy shift.

  • he’s such a democrat!

  • Good for Rand. Even if you can’t see a more open immigration policy from a compassionate angle, look at it this way. Having a strict immigration policy is like the war on drugs. You don’t end up catching or stopping most people from coming in and you end up wasting massive amounts of money and resources on it. Even if you do mass deportations, they just slip back in and keep coming back. If you throw them in prison for coming back, you end up spending $30 thousand or more a year to incarcerate them which is a huge expense. It makes more sense to streamline the process and focus only on public safety. As long as you don’t have a criminal record or communicable disease, you are in.

    • Okay, change the law, don’t just break it, or sign an unconstitutional executive order. Not about catching illegals, it’s about obeying our laws and abiding by our Constitution. DACA is not and was not done legally.

    • Well, maybe congress will codify daca into law.

    • When Congress officially legalizes dreamers and trump signs it into law I wonder if the author of this piece will say that trump is for amnesty and is apologizing for his own executive repeal

    • Thats what the wall is for,to keep illegals out.Since everyone one wants them ,How about paying me my child support Thats been taken out of my check for illegals.

    • The wall will cost big $$$ and do virtually nothing. It’s a waste of money.

    • Jay Spillers… I think we need a wall around your house.

    • Philip, that is exactly what Senator Paul is saying.

  • You have to close the doors and open the doors at the same time.

  • I think this headline may be slightly inaccurate

  • From his Senate page “President Obama’s executive order on DACA was illegal. However, this is a real problem we should solve in a bipartisan fashion. There are ways to make sure people who have been here for many years since childhood are allowed to stay. We should include efforts to reduce and reform immigration in other areas at the same time. Congress will need to address this problem.”

  • This is not some banket amnesty and he wants to have a legal process where helping the dreams comes with border security. I agree with that…but we need border security to be completed.

  • Who cares what he says?

  • Inaccurate headline. Fix it

  • Rand Paul, right as always. DACA was unconstitutional, but Congress should pass DACA into law thru the Constitutional process. Rand supported legal status during the 2016 campaign & before that, during Gang of 8 debate, he pushed for middle ground.

    I see no issue here.

    • Trump even told Pelosi, that he would of signed DACA if passed through the GOP Congress.

  • Haha. I continue to follow this page because Shane’s ability to craft hysterical clickbait headlines is truly astounding. I am in awe of his ability to trash people with wild accusations bearing zero substance. He’s an artist, really

    • Do you want some French fries for all that salt?

  • Lol. There is no opposition. Just Global Finance.

  • Somebody doesn’t have any idea of what amnesty means.

  • Yeah nowhere in his statement did he say that this is FAKE news for sure !!

  • Great news, hopefully he’ll get back to his libertarian roots and call for open borders (the libertarian position).

    • I’m a libertarian and I’m against it. You can’t have open borders unless you eliminate the welfare state

    • Jane Garber Locklear yeah I know conservatives are against it, I was talking about libertarians

    • Jane Garber Locklear why not end the welfare state then???

    • davis0102

      I’m 100% against illegal aliens and especially open borders, and I’m a libertarian on most issues. Most libertarian Americans do believe in protecting our borders. Is it globalist libertarians that believe in open borders? That’s a no go.

    • I’m all for ending the welfare state. That would solve more problems than just illegal immigration

      • Jimmy Rustler

        ya how is that going for yall? do you really do anything about the welfare state except jawbone about it?

  • When did the Liberty Conservative become the Trump Apologist page?

    • davis0102

      Liberty Conservative is usually a fake news site. It’s as bad as CNN with its distortions. This article is just the latest example.

    • …it’s always been

  • I #StandWithRand

  • I see no issue with his stance

  • Ok, Rand Paul, get off your butt and write a law which is how it should have been done in the first place! Just cause obummer took a shortcut which all you good legislators closed your eyes to, doesn’t make it right!

  • Very misleading article.

  • Rand paul should be shot for being stupid. What next giving murderers and rapists amnesty?

  • Sorry Dr Paul, we part ways on this one

    • I am sure he awaits your approval.

    • Jane, Rand Paul is grossly misrepresented in this BS article. He didn’t apologize, and doesn’t support amnesty.

      • DukeofAnarchy .

        Rand Paul’s words: “President Obama’s executive order on DACA was illegal. However, this is a real problem we should solve in a bipartisan fashion. There are ways to make sure people who have been here for many years since childhood are allowed to stay. We should include efforts to reduce and reform immigration in other areas at the same time. Congress will need to address this problem.”

        That is unambiguous support for amnesty.

  • Time for lil Rand to go!! He’s a fraud!

  • Lead in place of brains. I really liked him at first but my goodness he and 4 other Republicans need to come together with the party or resign.

    • Lol. Come together with the party of liberals such as Ryan, Mcconnell, and Trump?

    • The party needs to go back to the democrat party where they came from. Rand and 4 others are what truly represent what being republican is all about.

  • RINO Senator Rand Paul

  • Amnesty isn’t a viable answer. Our currant immigration laws work fine, if upheld.

  • Some of the comments are hilarious… #StandWithRand

  • Patsy Boerner


  • RAND you have got to be kidding…..these people entered illegally…do you really want to abandon the Constitution?

  • Look who stands with Rand!

    • Y’all a frickin joke

    • You stand with Bill Clinton, Rand stands with Ronald Reagan.

    • Amnesty lacked specifics. He favors ending the order and legislating a new law that helps those daca helped to some level.

    • This meme is deceptive…he does not defend the order…he defends part some effects of it being done legally along with border security.

    • Clinton and Rand never saw eye to eye.. your no liberty conservative

    • Sean DePaul fuck the wall lol

    • The wall is no libertarian dream as the libertarian principles would dictate private borders ideally but under our classical liberal model limited wall segments where they’re actually financially effective could be beneficial on a relative basis.

    • Regardless of the wall, Rush supports keeping the Dreamers which is my point.

    • Dummy. Paul is not pro-DACA.

    • Sean~ what is your preferance in how to handle the dreamers? There is a huge cost to deporting them. I support security and then solving it personally. Guest worker reform right after security and then sift out the illegals by cost benefit.

      • Jimmy Rustler

        there is minimal cost to deporting them. Simply deny them access to the labor markets and the right to secure housing, and they will leave on their own. IE change the incentives.

    • On spending Rand is being conservative on this. Dreamers are not a big drain, but are here illegally and I blame their parents mostly for that…but Obama illegally making something illegal is a mess.

    • If you honestly cannot see the difference between legitimizing DACA and using a blanket term like “amnesty” just to rile up emotions then you have no business writing anything on policy.

  • Trumpism is a cult

  • Why the hit piece on Paul? It’s Congress’s job to find a bi-partisan solution.

    • Because it’s the Liberty Conservative, whose only function is pettily attacking liberty conservatives and promoting Trump

    • No its not.

  • Traitor, drain him come midterms

  • Why is LC trying to paint Rand in a bad light bc he wants to have the adult conversation? This is why we can have nice things….

  • Boot Rand and hire someone who will back Trump 100%

  • I support a pathway to full legality. Deporting several hundred thousand people who are ingrained in our society is not feasible. It would be counterproductive.

  • Fuck that shit

  • If they do that I can’t wait to see the backlash from people already on the waiting list. Especially since some have been on the list for years.

  • back stabbing clown and traitor

  • These rino asses are gone

  • Thank goodness Rand changed his mind on this.

  • So Dreamers don’t have to pay any cost for the crimes of their parents. But white people do. Huh. Is that racism?

  • Folks, this is a Fake News article, spun and twisted. Rand Paul did NOT apologize for DACA repeal, and does not support Amnesty.
    Fake News! Shame on Shane Trejo! You are not to be taken seriously after this crap article.

  • Well rand Paul doesn’t think the constitution matters now. Orrrr he wants to get re elected …

    • That is the opposite of what he said.

    • Joe Eldred LC is a Shane Trejo fake news clickbait rag desperate to gin up readership by fabricating a false narrative. Take everything it says with a truckload of salt.

  • Sheeples gonna sheep

  • davis0102

    The headline and content of the article is NOT what Rand Paul said, but typical of the usual misinformation put out by The Liberty Conservative, essentially a fake news site.

  • I try to like Rand, but libertarians are retarded on immigration.

    • Rand Paul is not a libertarian and never claimed to be.

    • It was naive to think we could treat a few people humanely and not have it turn into an invasion sponsored by corporate greed. Ron’s heart was in the right place, but we just can never take a step in a leftward direction. It always is the camel’s nose under our tent.

      • Jimmy Rustler

        THIS, the left sees any capitulation as sign of weakness. Give them an inch they take a mile. Remember the Reagan amnesty in exchange for the border wall? that was 30 years ago and we have had several “amnesties” since then.

    • DukeofAnarchy .

      Support for mass immigration isn’t even a libertarian position. I WANT to like Rand, and he does have moments of brilliance, but then he does things like this. He’s still the least-bad senator.

  • is that real?


  • Sen. Paul was in favor of rescinding the EO and legitimizing via constitutional legislation, so no idea what apologies referenced LOL. Also have yet to hear a good reason as to why deporting DACA eligible immigrants is a good idea..

  • Betraying our country is the norm now for these crooked bastards.

  • Shane’ s ability of clickbait makes following this page still worthwhile

  • Idiot

  • Need to build the WALL first, before any immigration reform.

  • Again Rand gets it –

  • James Madison

    There’s nothing conservative or liberty about this garbage click-bait rag.

  • No to Amnesty. Make them take a US Citizenship test, instead. That’s fair and right.

  • SeN. RaNd PaUl ApOlOgIzEs FoR dAcA rEpEaL, cAlLs UpOn CoNgReSs To PuSh AmNeStY

  • Amnesty? these invaders have come illegally & their reaping what the people of the USA have saved for decades. Death not amnesty.

    • DukeofAnarchy .

      That’s a wee bit drastic. Just send them back to Mexico (although, those otherwise proud Mexicans weirdly seem to regard having to go back to their own country as a punishment almost as bad as death.)

  • Keith Stefanec

    If parents and a child sneak into Disneyland and get caught, does the child get to stay?

  • Trump supporters really are idiots worshipping their idol.

  • I keep hearing that the law is broken. How is it broken and if it is you have had enough time to fix it…….the constitution does not grant the President to make law through EO. Trump said he will not continue to break the law. Like it or not he is only enforcing law that has been on the books for a long time. I like Rand but he is wrong on this one.

  • This is a lie. It’s evident even from within this article.

  • Huh. Rand what are you doing?

  • DACA is a pretty good program. Let’s make it legal. Congress get to work and do your job.

  • Jimmy Rustler

    all this butthurt from loser lolbergs that cant win anything, and constantly get btfoed by liberals. you dont matter anymore.

  • Fake news: “…opposition to Trump’s plan to terminate DACA.”, “…endorsement of amnesty…”. So these quotes are Shane Trejo putting words into Rand’s mouth. Note the CATO VP article denouncing Ron Paul’s libertarianism as bait potentially leading to this one. Typical corporatist Libertarian Party shills.

  • No need for Apology, since it was unconstitutional, and Trump sent it to Rand and the Senate to Legalize them Legislatively and Constitutionally.

  • Let’s see the tape or at least a tweet … not believing this

  • Oy, vey.

  • OK, working on my next birth announcement MEME for Rand!

  • Jimmy Rustler

    parents drink alcohol , smoke crack , eat fish, there’s no affect on gestating children right?

  • Pink Lips

    You need to be voted out

  • Bob in Amherst NH

    Honest question – if someone like a dreamer isn’t “age of majority” yet (18) then can they actually break the law if their parents bring them into the country?
    No matter what the office of the President doesn’t have the power to write legislation so the executive order is null-and-void. That’s not in question.

    But from a moral and natural law perspective would it be “right” to kick out people who lived their childhood in the US through no fault of their own?

    It seems to break down like this:
    – Born while parents are in the US (whether they are illegal or not) = citizen
    – age 0 – 18 while parents are in the US illegally = gray area
    – age 18+ and in the US illegally = illegal immigrant

    I’m actually not sure how I feel about that gray area in the middle. That person, even though they are legally a minor and aren’t generally considered to have the same legal rights and responsibilities as an adult, THEY only know America and almost certainly think of themselves as Americans, since they haven’t known anything else.

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