Rep. Dave Brat Betrays Supporters On Immigration, Pushes Amnesty Like Eric Cantor

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The ascension of Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) was seen as one of the biggest victories of the tea party era. With zero name recognition and little money, Brat defeated establishment favorite Rep. Eric Cantor largely on the immigration issue. A little over three years later, Brat is already caving on amnesty.

Brat is working alongside the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) to devise a plan that would keep DACA in place and provide anmesty for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. Brat and McCaul believe that eliminating the diversity visa lottery, enacting a mandatory e-verify program, and banning chain migration would make amnesty worthwhile.

“The numbers from those three pieces I just mentioned clearly outweigh the DACA — by a lot,” Brat said. “And so you’re just saying, ‘OK, we can deal with 700,000 here [in DACA] because we’re getting a reduction in millions here.’”

McCaul was more tight-lipped about the progress of the proposed deal, only stating that he has “been sworn to secrecy.” This is not a strong indicator the process that is out in the open and on the level. During the Obama administration, Brat was signing a different tune regarding DACA and amnesty for illegals.

“Immigrants come to the United States precisely because we have the rule of law while so many of their home countries do not. Today, Mr. Obama stands ready to violate that very rule of law and force his unpopular agenda on the American people while bypassing their elected representatives,” Brat said in a 2014 press release against Obama’s amnesty policies.

Brat talked tough when Obama was President, but has flip-flopped now that a Republican is in office. If amnesty is put into place, it will likely have Brat’s fingerprints all over it, and he will officially be another GOP legislator who betrayed the promises made to his constituents on the campaign trail.

  • Dave Brat is a Classical Liberal. And that’s fake news.

    • Your a liberal cause of one issue? Also open borders is a good thing it saves the nation money you can have people come over and still not draw benefits

    • Closed borders will save the nation more money and also deporting every single illegal immigrant will save the nation money.

    • 0/2, Josh.

    • Josh, Brat is working on amnesty per his own words. He has deceived you.

    • At least he’s not a Neo-Conservative.

  • Why would you expect a self-described libertarian to share your anti-immigrant mania?

    • Don’t mean Anti-illegal immigrant?

    • Who should be considered legal, or made legal, is precisely the point under consideration.

    • Its what he campaigned on. Flip flopping makes him a liar.

    • He campaigned against Obama’s unilateral actions on DACA. That isn’t the same as what Congress is doing. Was it the executive usurpation that Republicans objected to, or was it really just immigrants after all?

  • Can the DC “swamp” be defeated? Vote everybody out!

  • Trump rescinded DACA. Brat is working on a deal to keep it in place. Those are the facts.

  • Except hes said he’ll sign a legislative DACA. And good for Brat for not being a bigoted nativist asshole.

  • yatesracing


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