Reclaim And Rescind – Returning Power To The People

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Our great nation was founded by men filled with integrity and honor who were willing to sacrifice not only their fortune but their lives.  They were compelled to leave their homes and careers to help guide our new nation into a direction that would demand restraints upon the government’s role in the lives of the people.  They fought to establish a republic that would grant limited power to a federal government, because they understand that any government with central power is a corrupt government.  These great patriots understood that absolute power corrupts and a best form of government was best left to the states.

Since our founding fathers many great patriots have served our nation with humility and distinction.  Their motives pure and sacrifices well noted in the canons of history.  They came with a servants heart to fulfill a need during a time of trouble in our nation.  They exercised fortitude in the face of great adversity and trouble, never compromising their integrity.

​Today there are those that come to D.C. that want to destroy the very fabric and foundation upon which our country was founded.  It is an enemy that appears as harmless as a dove but is as wise and venomous as a serpent.   They slither  through the halls of congress and squeeze the integrity out of those who do not fear their power and strength.  Those who decide to cooperate with them soon succumb to their powerful grip.  They make their nest in the sewers below K street (home to lobbyist) and lay their eggs of bribes, deceit, and corruption.  As they hatch they spread all across the city infesting every institution of government with their powerful grip.  Today Washington D.C. is full of men and woman who have been bitten by their bite or have become entangled in their grip of power.  Power has replaced principle and pride has replaced piety.  No longer is public office a place of service to the people but has become a place full of a self-serving people.  They have joined the Washington Cartel which is made up of career politicians from both parties that get into bed with lobbyist and special interest.


Leaders in both parties have learned that controlling the agenda is not only financially rewarding but by involving the media and parliamentary tricks they are able to fool the voters back home.   They take votes they know they cannot win to show they tried then blame the very individuals that contribute to their campaigns.  Today we have a government where the politicians, the press, the lobbyist, and corporate special interest are all in bed together while the American voter is left with no voice and no representation.  Politicians go to Washington DC with the highest integrity and are quickly told if they do not play the game they will get nothing accomplished, no money, no support, and will be treated as an outcast.

A great patriot, Samuel Adams said “If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”  That time has come in America and we need experienced patriots to stand up and fight to reclaim D.C. and return it to its rightful owners, the people of this great country.

We must unite as patriots and elect principled conservatives that will destroy the Washington Cartel and promote the cause of liberty, freedom, and limited government.  We must put forward candidates that are able to articulate constitutional principles, a foreign policy based on strength and not nation building, and an economic message of growing the economy and shrinking the size and reach of the federal government.  Men of principle and integrity who believe in the spirit of our constitution and have demonstrated an ability to stand in the face of great adversity.  Senator Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have both proven their ability to stand for the constitution and shrinking the size of government.  Just as there were issues that united our founding fathers, there are issues today that unite us against the Washington Cartel.

The founding fathers understood that the cause of liberty did not belong to any one man or family but to all who believe in its principles of freedom.  If we are going to defeat the Washington Cartel we must keep the message of liberty the main thing and not the messenger.  Both Senator Cruz and Paul have promoted a message that all who love liberty can get behind.  Senator Cruz and Senator Paul believe in their core the idea of limited government and both men would work to Reclaim the Constitution and Rescind the overreaching power of the federal government.  Just as in the days of our founding fathers, there were strong disagreements over policies but they understood who was the real enemy.  Let us not forgot who the enemy is and work together with those who promote the message of Liberty.

  • freenca

    Excellent !! More please !! Thank you patriot !!

  • Clay Blanche

    Here is the only one that will not only take the country back, he will give it to the people.

    Like Samson, He Fights Alone

    I once studied the bronze Statue of Freedom that crowned the dome of the US Capitol.

    It was a nice image. But, I didn’t think people that worked inside
    deserved such a nice topper to their work place. It seems that concepts
    like freedom, truth and honor were the last things on peoples minds that
    work there. All the people there save one.

    One man that works in that building fights alone against the Tyranny of
    statesmen working against the people they represent. Against secret
    deals whispered behind closed doors and lies repeated trice. Against
    cronies who look to line their pockets with lobby money and special
    benefits if they will just vote a certain way and be damn with the
    people. Against statesmen that ran on a platform of Conservatism yet now
    cast votes with the most liberal Democrats.

    One man stands in their way. Wearing the armor of True Conservatism, the Shield of the
    Constitution and wielding like a sword, the Rule of Law.

    This man began by representing the people of the great state of Texas, and is now
    representing all the the people of this great nation by standing
    steadfast against evil ideas of small minded men that would bring us
    harm, if not by design then by ineptitude.

    This man wishes to take the reins of this nation for he knows that without a doubt he can
    steer us back to a path security and prosperity.

    He is asking your permission to do just that. He is asking for your vote. Give it to
    him, for this man is Senator Ted Cruz. The next President of these
    United States.

    By Clay Blanche

    The Conservative Minuteman:

    I provide, free and openly, the material, logistics and information to
    wage the political war that ends with Sen Ted Cruz in the White House.

    I have been a Constitutional Conservative Republican for 36 years I have
    worked for or with Reagan, Bush 1, Bush 2, and Ted Cruz. I was not 100%
    on Bush 2, but the alternative was too bad to even think about, so I
    backed him and gave my full support.

    If you want to help Sen. Cruz, post and re-post positive stories about Sen Cruz and negative
    ones about his opponents. But, always make sure you publish the truth.

  • None can dispute the spirit of our constitution was immortalised by the words of Thomas Jefferson in his Declaration of Independence, that natural law was the best defence against government tyranny. Yet it is precisely this point Sen Cruz stands in opposition to with his presidential campaign. By natural law, Sen Cruz is not Art. II, §I, Cl. 5, natural born citizen. By his own admission, Sen Cruz tells us he acquired his U.S. citizenship by Title 8 USC §1401 (g). Acquiring U.S citizen at birth by the grace of Congress is precisely what the founders and framers on the U.S. Constitution were trying to preempt by inserting this enigmatic phrase into the presidential clause of the U.S. Constitution. We may not know precisely what the founders, framers, and ratifiers of the U.S. Constitution meant by the “natural born Citizen” phrase, but we do know what they did not mean. They did not mean a statutory citizenship authorized by the grace of Congress.