Will The Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?

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It is perhaps a sign of American decline that a reality TV star billionaire is currently leading in the polls,  but I believe Americans will come to their  senses once they get to know the real Donald Trump.  He  has been on every side of the issue  from abortion, guns, taxes, Obamacare, Wall Street bailouts, religion, to immigration .  While I welcome his road to Damascus change of heart and some of his attacks on political correctness,  how can we trust his sincerity?

  • Started out as a Democrat, then an Independent and now most recently a Republican.
  • He has been too close with Nancy Pelosi and the Clintons and donated to the most extreme on the left like Kennedy and Kerry.
  • Strong supporter of the bailouts and single payer healthcare but now says he doesn’t support them.
  • Claims to go to Church regularly on Christmas and Easter  but when asked, can’t recall ever asking God for forgiveness.  Quote:  “I think if I do something wrong, I think I just try and make it right. I don’t bring God into that picture.”
  • Supported  “assault weapons” ban and  extending  the waiting period for gun purchases but now claims to support the 2nd amendment.
  • Outsources his ties and shirts  to China and now claims he wants to take jobs back from China.
  • Used to  fundraise for Planned Parenthood, now he claims to be pro-life.
    ruglife  Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up? ruglife

Trump has even been trolling Rand Paul with a   similar tax reform plan and claims also to be an outsider.  Good on  Rand  for calling  him out in the first debate as the consummate political insider and the poster boy for the problem with our brain dead political system that is the best government money can buy for billionaires like Trump who wish to rule over the people from the top down.

Unlike the Donald,  Rand Paul has been a lifelong Republican, married to the same woman and is working diligently to build the party brand and has been to four California state and county GOP fundraisers in order to raise money for local Republican candidates.  My friend David Leflar got to meet Rand Paul at one of these GOP fundraisers and this was his first impression of Dr. Rand Paul:  “at the luncheon, he spoke….short but very direct. He spoke about how the GOP needs to remind people and act on the fact that it is the party of all skin colors and all walks of life. He said that the GOP needed to reach out to these groups or the party will die out.

He spoke about the issues in the world and especially Syria and how some in our gov’t(especially senators from Arizona) are supporting the deposing of the current President, Bashar al-Assad and how even the Christians in Syria are content with him staying in power so as not to cause a vacuum that another militant Islamic group will most definitely fill. He spoke about the Christian persecution in the Middle East and how we must stand up for them as a nation. He spoke about frivolous gov’t spending on things like free yoga and bringing Pakistani kids over to America to go to space camp (what in the world would they ever use that for?). He spoke about making gov’t smaller and the American people freer.

And yet, in all of this he NEVER…NOT ONE TIME said, “If you vote for me I will”…..or….”when/if I become President….” No, he only spoke about what is wrong and what needs to change. Because, irrespective of whether he is elected or not, if these things do not change then greater ills will befall this nation.  These ideals cannot be contained in just one man, these are the ideals that a nation must embrace and address or it will be doomed.   My assessment of Rand Paul?  As my grandpa would say, he has sand. He is a man, alright. And as I sat there I marveled at how diametrically opposed he and Trump are.  Trump ALWAYS toots his own horn.  Rand, not even once.  Notice that yourself in the next weeks and months. Look at how unassuming he is.  How unpretentious.  He doesn’t self-aggrandize like the bloviating and immature Trump does.

He recognizes the problem, calls it out and offers a solution.  He doesn’t care where the solution comes from.  He is not looking for notoriety, as long as the problem is addressed and the people of this nation and it’s sacred governmental documents are adhered to and cherished in the process.”

Rand building the GOP at the local level from the bottom up.  Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up? randhannoshfamily
Rand building the GOP at the local level from the bottom up.

Rand Paul is in a word, classy.  Let’s not gift wrap the White House for the Democrats by not vetting the Donald.  Instead, let’s  bring class back to the White House and stand with Rand in his fight  with the D.C. machine to expose the corrupt, greedy, trash talking cronyism that is embodied in the person of Trump.

Mr. Hannosh is an Army Veteran, Former School Board President, History/Biology Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Former Candidate for Congress in California's 8th district, Pat Buchanan, Ron and Rand Paul supporter and activist seeking to put Americans first, not the establishment. Mr. Hannosh is married and has a daughter who he hopes will inherit an America that loves peace, liberty and freedom.

  • Daniel Barefoot

    Rand Paul are you kidding me has no chance in hell of winning.

  • Daniel Barefoot

    Trump has a IQ 158

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